At the end of 2022, Volcano “met” Masteri West Heights, where the real estate developer Masterise Homes confidently introduced it as “The authentic international living standard in West Hanoi” amidst the Smart City complex. Volcano brought new life to the project, which had become somewhat familiar to the market, by capturing the attention of customers with a compelling story that fully embodies the “Masteri lifestyle” tailored specifically for the Hanoi market.



Researching and analyzing the market context.
Defining the profile of the target customers.
Providing consultancy and developing the branding strategy.
Providing consultancy and developing the communication strategy.


Masteri West Heights confidently brought the “formula for success” from their previous projects – creating an internationally standardized living space – to Masteri West Heights, which attracted a certain number of customers but fell short of expectations. For the majority of customers in the Hanoi market, especially those who are discerning and have experienced the standards of the Western area, the project has not fully resonated with them.


The image built through previous communication activities has led the market to perceive Masterise Homes and Masteri West Heights as “expensive and luxurious” projects, almost being overlooked by middle-class customers when considering their options. The project has not effectively communicated with and connected to customers because it focused on “listing” good values without illustrating the actual benefits that meet the needs and desires of the customers.


Volcano conducted in-depth research and portrayed the customer profile of Masteri West Heights as individuals who care about both tangible and intangible elements in their living environment. They value the aspects that contribute to the culture and lifestyle not only for themselves but also for future generations. Through thorough analysis of the product, Masteri West Heights, seen through Volcano’s perspective, emerged as a project with international values while still aligning perfectly with the lifestyle of the Hanoi market.
With this understanding, Volcano repositioned Masteri West Heights not as just another segment of real estate but as a “Lifestyle property” where sophistication, experience, and tranquility, imbued with the “Masteri Lifestyle,” completely capture the distinct characteristics of the Hanoi market – “Elegance, Refinement, and Gracefulness”


Volcano constructs an integrated communication plan that ensures two elements: (1) Branding – conveying an inspiring narrative to the market, and (2) Sales support – driving customers to make decisions, closely follow the project’s sales progress. Simultaneously, Volcano produces main visuals with a fresh concept compared to the previous phase of the project, vividly depicting the “sophisticated experiences” at Masteri West Heights.


The branding strategy, with a story about a “Place of Exquisite Living” breathed life into the project, evoking strong emotions, touching the hearts, and captivating the minds of customers. It depicted a Lifestyle property that goes beyond external glamour, encompassing a profound soul and preserving time-tested values. It became a place worthy for discerning customers to seek and embrace “Nurturing genuine living values“. Together with an effective communication strategy, it paved the way for successful sales activities.
The brand strategy served as a solid foundation for the launch of West B – the final tower of the project.