WTC TOWER developed by BECAMEX

Having gained the trust of the Becamex, Volcano is the only chosen consultant agency to develop the Branding Strategy & Communication Strategy for WTC Tower by Becamex (WTC Tower) – the “Sweet Fruit” for Becamex’s strategic move upon becoming a member of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA).

Providing WTC Tower with a dynamic, innovative image; Volcano propels WTC Tower beyond its geographical boundaries, positioning it prominently on the map of Vietnam’s office real estate market, worthy its true value as being one of the 300 prestigious WTC buildings worldwide.


Research and develop Creative concepts for the project.
Research and build the Branding strategy.
Design the Brand identity.
Research and develop the Communication strategy.
Design Marketing collaterals.


WTC Tower is the first and only building in Vietnam branded as WTC Tower, pioneering the Office – Conference – Commercial complex model in 

Binh Duong. Despite this, being located in Binh Duong New City – an area that has been well-planned but not yet fully recognized in the media – WTC Tower needs to take clever steps to effectively convey its value to customers.


For Volcano, WTC Tower is not a challenging task as we recognize the project’s potential extends far beyond its geographical scope. Following the carefully planned positioning strategy from Volcano for WTC Tower, in the next 3 to 5 years, WTC Tower will be established as a strong affirmation of its global connectivity, creating an ideal business environment for the future and thus becoming an international commercial symbol of Vietnam. No longer just a conventional office real estate, WTC Tower is where modern businesses must come to elevate themselves and expand into the world.
With this positioning, Volcano creatively designs a streamlined, dynamic, resolute, and robust brand identity for WTC Tower, capturing the essence of the future.


To drive businesses’ attention and focus towards WTC Tower, Volcano has devised a creative and strategic idea that revolves around shifting customers’ perception. Instead of simply considering WTC Tower when they need new office space, businesses should be made aware that coming to WTC Tower represents a strategic move to DEVELOP THEIR BUSINESS and reach a global scale. The communication strategy aims to convey this message effectively to potential customers.