“There are decisions that have to be made from day one, and if they’re wrong, very often the development is wrong.”, said by Louise Sunshine – an expert real estate consultant with 40-plus years of experience, who worked alongside Donald Trump for well over a decade and founded the Sunshine Group (USA).

Louise offered consultation for real estate projects even before the developer acquired the land. She helps make this decision, and works with the developer to conduct feasibility reports, run a competitive analysis, develop the project concept, design and product mix. A real estate development consulting expert will ensure the success of the project from the starting point until the “finish line”.

Jumping into construction without the analysis and proper project development phase is indeed one step closer to failure. The current market has witnessed projects at a strategic location but failed to utilize the potentials of the land, building constructions that are not equivalent to the resources. Many developers are financially wise but not yet market wise, creating projects with incompetent concepts, not up-to-date designs, or amenities that do not match with the demands of ideal customers.

Therefore: 80% revenue of successful real estate projects is generated by 20% of smart investment into project development. Real estate development is among the most collaborative, complex, long-term “jobs”. Working with a specialized consulting agency from the earliest stages is an effective strategy to increase the success rate of a project.

With in-depth experiences, thorough understanding of customer demands, strategic thinking and creative passion, Volcano Group will be a trustworthy consulting partner, bringing valuable contributions to the project development journey of the developers:

  • Adding values to your assets
  • Align realities with the developer’s vision in building an ideal living space with extraordinary, meaningful experiences for residents
  • Maximizing your return on investment
  • Risk management and minimizing costs

Volcano works with developers as a real estate development consulting firm across all phases:

  1. Pre-development

  • Market Research, PESTLE Analysis
  • Project Analysis
  • Project Location Consulting
  • Project Concept Development
  • Competitive Analysis

  1. Project Development

  • Project Concept Consulting
  • Project Amenities Consulting
  • Project Design Consulting
  • Integrated Marketing Strategy Consulting
  • Sales Strategy Consulting

  1. Close-Out

  • Property Management Consulting
  • Amenities Leasing Strategy Consulting
  • Sales Data Management Consulting
  • Customer Connection Consulting
  • Communications Risk Management