The luxury condo development Heritage West Lake inherits the historical, cultural and artistic quintessence of West Lake. With first-in-market amenities in Hanoi, the project develops “A Landscape of Legacy” living space with unique values that cannot be found anywhere else. Heritage West Lake is honored as the “Best Luxury Condo Development” in Hanoi, awarded by PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards 2021.

Volcano is honored to be the exclusive real estate brand development and strategic marketing consulting partner for the luxury condo development Heritage West Lake.

Volcano’s Challenges: 

  • CapitaLand is one of Asia’s largest diversified real estate developers with more than 27 years of experience in Vietnam, especially in the Ho Chi Minh luxury real estate segment. However, CapitaLand has not yet built a strong brand presence in the Hanoi market.
  • Heritage West Lake is the first luxury condo development of CapitaLand in Hanoi, marking an important milestone in the corporation’s journey.
  • West Lake has always been the destination for luxury real estate, but Heritage West Lake is the first to understand and embrace the legacies and intangible heritage of the land
  • The project aims to cater to the elite who are extremely selective with their living space and only spend time when they have genuine interest in the development

With the pioneering vision and unique concept of Heritage West Lake, the challenge of marketing and communications is to fully deliver the soul of the project. From which, attract and persuade the elite to visit the show unit and the special project introduction event to experience the distinct living values at Heritage West Lake.

Volcano’s Strategy:

Volcano’s real estate expert consults: A unique luxury real estate requires a distinct, sophisticated marketing strategy to resonate with the elite customers.

  • The pioneering vision and signature of CapitaLand in real estate development will be fully delivered through the Heritage West Lake brand
  • Heritage West Lake is the first project in West Lake with a foreign developer, combining the international experiences and local insights of CapitaLand
  • Heritage West Lake will be built as a “human brand” with personal connection, filled with emotions and attached with privileged sentimental values that the elite seek for in their ideal future homes

Understanding the unique values that the developer built for the project, as well as the insights of Hanoian’s elite, Volcano developed a distinct brand story for Heritage West Lake, delivering the quintessential lifestyle in our own way:

The luxury condo development Heritage West Lake is the bridge to the origin, to the peaceful getaway for the soul, to precious memories of the Hanoian elite – a living space that nurtures the soul with intangible values that cannot be replicated. 

Volcano has curated an emotional “conversation”, leading the elite on the brand journey.

Our Scope of Works

  • Brand Development Strategy Consulting

  • Developer’s brand strategy
  • Project brand strategy
  • Brand story development
  • Integrated Marketing Strategy Consulting

  • Market and competitive analysis
  • Ideal customer persona development
  • Consult and implement marketing plans for every phase, the grand opening of the show unit, the exclusive project introduction event: increasing brand awareness, attracting customers to experience real-life activities


  • Successfully oriented customer demands and awareness

  • Affirmed the heritage values and prosperous feng shui of West Lake
  • Affirmed that West Lake is a hotspot for luxury real estate

  • Successfully increased brand awareness of CapitaLand

  • CapitaLand – one of Asia’s largest diversified real estate developers with more than 27 years of experience in Vietnam has been widely recognized in the market
  • Affirmed the distinct and pioneering vision of CapitaLand in real estate development: customized for the land, enrich the lives of communities with sustainable values, no project is the same

  • Successfully build a unique brand mark for the luxury condo development Heritage West Lake

  • Heritage West Lake is recognized as the “Best Luxury Condo Development” in Hanoi of the foreign developer CapitaLand
  • Heritage West Lake is renowned as the luxury condo development that pioneers in inheriting and embracing the quintessential values of West Lake
  • Heritage West Lake become the hotspot of West Lake’s luxury real estate market

  • Successfully contributed to sales effectiveness:

80% of Heritage West Lake luxury condominiums have been filled after 4 months of implementation