• Branding Strategy of Anlac Green Symphony Villas
  • Creative Launching Concept & Copywriting
  • IMC Strategy
  • Implementation & Delivery
  • Project Film & TVC
  • Production

Located at the heart of the West of Hanoi, Anlac Green Symphony 5-star semi-compound urban center with a unique and artistic zoning of cello, is built on the quintessential development philosophy of Hanoi Old Quarter and French Neoclassical architecture.

Possessing an ecosystem of more than 40 high-class utilities, along with an ecological landscape system, Anlac Green Symphony creates not only a symphony of green, balance and peace lifestyle but also values of ​​Living – Enjoying – Relaxing for the International Elite Community.

Forthcomingly, this project promises to become the most vibrant and bustling urban area, a real estate with a sustainable value in the West of Hanoi.